Serena in Shizuoka: RESOURCES
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JET Program:

JET Program: Aspiring JETs The official JET Program website

JET Program General Information Handbook, 2022

Tofugu's JET Program guide I highly recommend this guide, especially the article about the JET Application and Statement of Purpose.

JET Program Guide An unofficial guide to the JET Program.

The JET Program in Japan. Another unofficial guide to the JET Program.

ALT/Teaching in Japan:

Official JET Program Teaching Guide

Tofugu's ALT Guide

ALTopedia A site where ALTs can find and post lesson plans, handouts, worksheets, and activities. I highly recommend this site above any other ALT resource. There’s lots of material here you can use or draw inspiration from to create your own lessons.

The Lesson Repository Lessons created by Nagano prefecture JETs.

Nara Prefecture JET lessons

Akita Wiki Teaching Resources Lesson plans and activities by Akita prefecture JETs.

Miyazaki Prefecture JET Teaching Materials.

Genki English Classroom lessons and activities. Mostly aimed at elementary aged students but some could be used in junior high as well.

Irasutoya An abundance of cute clip art you can use on handouts, powerpoint presentations, and worksheets. You can search in English or Japanese but I find Japanese yields better results.

IllustAC Free clipart and vectors.

Teacher Planet ESL activities

ESL Authority

Teach This ESL activities and worksheets.

Busy Teacher Free worksheets.

Japanese language:

Read the Kanji A site that aims to increase your kanji recognition, vocabulary, and reading skills. The first level (N5) is free.

GENKI Study Resources Review site for the GENKI textbook series.

Irodori A free textbook that teaches Japanese through everyday situations you will encounter in daily life.

Life in Japan:

Japan Guide

Living in Japan

Food Allerigies in Japan

Japan Life subreddit